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Company Lamkur is Polish Brand with Polish seed capital. Headquarter, production, office are in Poland. We are self-sufficent producers, we do not use ready items, seldom we cooperate with sub supplier- if so only with local ones. Every item on each stage is produced and kept in our factory.
Our sales department is at your service- we contact our customers, assist them as well as tend to meet with our potential clients. In order to make communication easier you can contact us in English, German, Russian. During meetings we customize conditions according to partner’s needs. Visits take place at our customer’s office, our headquarter or during lighting fairs- it depends on our clients will.
Sales is based on the basic offer which is modified periodically. New items are introduced twice a year in spring and autumn time. Catalog is released at least once a year. Promo actions and stock sales are made few times a year. Additional support for sales is connected with marketing promotion of our brand by means of gadgets, gifes for end customers.
Each product has certifcate CE and EAC. It means that our goods follow all necessary safety and quality norms required in the Europen Union and the Euroasian Union. Additionally, items are marked by ZETOM quality sign.
Orders are mostly received by e-mail. Their reception is confirmed by sales department up to 48hours after arragments about payment and transport. Then, we inform about loading date. Term of realization of the order is maximum 21 working days.
We would like to meet expectations of our customers this is why, generally we work by means of:
  • EXW
  • FCA
We mainly produce our goods according to orders, we do not have big stock. It helps us to control our quality better this is why, quality defects occur seldom. However, if something is wrong with our articles claim protocol should be written. Based on such document exchange of an item, broken part or credit note could be done in 14 days time. Claims made during transportation should be solved with carrier.
As production company and part of society we are aware of the importance of taking care of environment. Our ecological strategy includes production process, energetic efficiency, waste segregation and limitation of it. For more please click ABOUT US.
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